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Questions You Should Ask BEFORE Building


Questions You Should Ask BEFORE Building

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Questions You Should Ask BEFORE Building

Like any big project you embark upon in life it is always beneficial to get as much information as possible at the start.  Such a large financial and emotional investment deserves your time and sound research so that you can be clear and sure about who you are going to be working and investing in.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Qualifying their work is part of the process.  If you are unsure as to where to start, here is a list of questions that any Builder/ Tradesperson should happily answer.

  1. Can I see your building licence? Licenced Tradespeople should be used for works over $5k.
  2. If the works are over $5K will you be receiving a written contract?
  3. Is a deposit required? Please note that no more than 10% deposit is required if the works are over $5K.
  4. Do they have a copy of your Home Builders Compensation Fund Certificate? Note that you are not required to pay a deposit for works over $20k unless this Certificate is presented to you.

Remember, asking these questions at the beginning could save you a lot of headaches during, and after the build.

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